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7-Eleven to Sell Its Own Beer and Wine

NEW YORK - 7-Eleven Inc. said on Thursday it would sell its own beer, Santiago, in U.S. stores starting in June. A Chardonnay and a Pinot Grigio under the new Regions brand will likely be available in August, the convenience store chain said.

The imported Santiago beer will sell for $5.99 per six- pack, while six-packs of name-brand imported beers are priced at about $6.99 to $7.49 in 7-Eleven stores, according to Reuters. The company is bringing out the drink to compete with popular beers such as Corona, which is imported from Mexico.

Santiago will be made by Cerveceria La Constancia, an El Salvador brewer, in a joint venture with SABMiller Plc, Dallas-based 7-Eleven said.

The company said it is working with Winery Exchange, which matches retailers with wineries, on the wines. The Australian Chardonnay and Italian Pinot Grigio will sell for $4.99 per 375 ml bottle, 7-Eleven said.

These drinks are not 7-Eleven's first forays into its own beverage brands. While the company does not have any private- label soft drinks, like many supermarkets do, it does have its own brand of bottled water, Classic Selection.
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