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18 Kroger Fuel Stations in Texas to Offer Renewable Fuel

CINCINNATI -- Kroger plans to install E85 fuel dispensers this summer at 18 stations in Dallas and Houston.

The retailer will install Dresser Wayne's Vista(TM) 387 E85 fuel dispensers at each location. "Drivers are interested in exploring fuel options, and Kroger believes that this trend will continue to grow as access to alternative fuel becomes more convenient," said Virg Musil, Kroger's director of construction for supermarket petroleum. "The Dresser Wayne Vista 387 E85 dispenser is a vital part of this new program, making it possible to safely provide ethanol to our customers."

Because ethanol is more corrosive than gasoline, certain components of an FFV's fuel delivery system are modified to make the engine ethanol-compatible. However, fuel dispensers that are not designed for the corrosive nature of ethanol can leech metal deposits into an FFV's fuel system that may then be deposited in a vehicle's fuel system. The Dresser Wayne Vista 387 E85 dispenser contains components specifically designed to be tolerant to alcohol, according to the dispenser manufacturer, making it more durable and resistant to corrosion.

To bring the first industry-approved E85 retail fuel dispenser to the market, Dresser Wayne has formed a partnership with alternative fuel provider CleanFUEL USA.
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