16 Hannaford Stores Get Energy Star Designation

SCARBOROUGH, Maine -- Hannaford Bros. Co. here has earned the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star label, for demonstrating superior energy performance, at 16 of its stores.

Ten of the stores are located in Maine, and six are in Vermont.

The retailer additionally earned EPA's Energy Star Leaders designation in 2006, for the overall performance of its entire store base, located throughout New England and New York. Other retailers that have been awarded this designation are Food Lion, Giant Eagle, and HEB.

"Hannaford has shown innovation, good management, and a commitment to leading the way with a new generation of environmentally preferable building management practices," noted EPA regional administrator Robert W. Varney in a statement.

Added Hannaford district manager Marwan Fakhouri: "Hannaford is committed to energy conservation and environmental sustainability. We have worked closely with the EPA."

EPA estimated that the 16 Energy Star labeled Hannaford stores prevented over 52 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually -- the equivalent of removing more than 5,100 cars from the road for a year.

Hannaford achieved superior energy performance at its stores by a combination of technology upgrades and management improvements, including:
--Efficient T8 fluorescent lighting with electronic ballasts.
--Illuminating signs with red LEDs, a much more efficient alternative to the traditional neon system.
--Reusing waste heat from refrigeration for space heating.
--The Building Automation System (BAS), which integrates control of lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
--Careful monitoring and electric submetering of building systems.
--Refrigeration systems incorporating unique design features for highly efficient operation in cold weather.

The grocer is also a member of EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership, a voluntary partnership between EPA and the freight industry to boost energy efficiency while significantly lowering greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Hannaford has enhanced the efficiency of its fleet by:
--Upgrading portions of its fleet with more aerodynamic and lighter vehicles, reducing the weight of trucks by 400 pounds without sacrificing performance or driver comfort.
--Installing single-wide tires to improve fuel efficiency and automatic idle shutdown mechanisms to reduce truck idling.
--Making operational improvements to save fuel and reduce emissions, including the use of tandem trailers, improved weight distribution within trucks, and changes in delivery practices so that each store gets the products it needs with fewer deliveries.
--Efficiency Maine, a statewide initiative begun in 2002 to promote the more efficient use of electricity, help the state's residents and businesses lower electricity costs, and improve Maine's environment, has worked with Hannaford in its bid to cut down on its energy usage.

Delhaize-owned Hannaford operates 158 stores under the Hannaford Supermarket and Hannaford Supermarket and Pharmacy banners.
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