Yoke's Fresh Markets Stocks AmberWatch Tool in its Stores

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Responding to the increasing number of child abductions and sexual molestation cases in its home state, Yoke's Fresh Markets here has become the first retailer in the Pacific Northwest to stock AmberWatch, a digital watch that doubles as a safety device for children. When activated, the watch emits a 115-decibel alert signal that can be heard from across a football field in either direction.

AmberWatch, which retails for $29.99 and comes in six designs, includes a detailed user guide. The product serves as a fully loaded watch, complete with a digital time and date display, alarm and stopwatch functions, a low-battery warning, and a backlight.

"When the product was first presented to me, my immediate response was that it's my civic duty to carry the product in our stores," said Joe Hanson, v.p. of operations for Yoke's Fresh Markets. "Anything that can potentially prevent an abduction is a great product and a noble effort. As a retail outlet that touches so many consumers who are parents and grandparents, I felt we had an obligation to make the AmberWatch available to them, and I've already purchased one for my own daughter."

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the AmberWatch benefit the AmberWatch Foundation, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child endangerment, sexual molestation, and child abduction through its education programs.

Founded in 1946, Yoke's Fresh Markets is an independent, employee-owned regional grocery chain operating 12 stores throughout Spokane, the Tri-Cities, Wash. area, and Sandpoint and Kellogg, Idaho.

For more information on the AmberWatch, visit http://www.AmberWatch.com. Information on The AmberWatch Foundation can be found at http://www.AmberWatchFoundation.org.
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