WWRE Expands Global Reach with Markant as 56th Member

The WorldWide Retail Exchange, the premier business-to-business exchange for retailers and suppliers, today announced that Markant, the German-based services organization, has joined the Exchange as its newest charter member.

"Markant's membership expands our global membership and reach," said Peter Jueptner, chief commercial officer for the WWRE. "Further, MARKANT strengthens our presence in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will be an important player in the further development of the Exchange."

Markant represents over 20,000 outlets throughout Germany. Combined with their activities in the European Marketing Distribution (EMD) located in Switzerland, Markant's reach extends to 55,000 outlets throughout Europe with an annual turnover of 93 billion Euros ($82 billion US).

"We were created to extend the benefits of large retailers to small and mid-size retailers through collaboration," explained Henry Taubald, chief executive at Markant. "Membership to the WWRE is an extension of this philosophy, and an important step forward in our efforts to collaborate on an international basis."
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