WWRE and Germany's SINFOS GmbH Announce Alliance to Interconnect Data Pools

ALEXANDRIA, Va. and COLOGNE, Germany - In line with its plan to connect all major global data pools to its synchronization hub, the Internet-based business-to-business exchange WorldWide Retail Exchange is partnering with SINFOS GmbH, one of several leading European data pools currently used by about 1,000 companies in several countries. The alliance will enable connectivity between the two data pools, providing item synchronization capabilities across the two organizations and their member base.

SINFOS and the WWRE have already established a connection based on EAN.UCC recommendations and standards.

"The SINFOS/WWRE alliance is an important step in the WWRE's efforts to build a global item management solution that is inclusive of suppliers and manufacturers of all sizes. And it's particularly relevant for WWRE members who want to accelerate their item management efforts with those manufacturers who are working directly with SINFOS," said Michel Eeckhout, CIO, Delhaize Group.

"This partnership removes a primary barrier to international trade -- the inability to achieve global item synchronization," said Cindy Cruzado, director of WorldWide Item Management for WWRE. "The speed and success of the execution of this process also sets a standard for future catalog implementations throughout the world."

Rolf Stark, CEO for SINFOS GmbH, commented, "Our agreement with WWRE represents an important step in our international strategy toward achieving interconnection with all of the leading Internet marketplaces worldwide. By linking WWRE's members with SINFOS clients, we are helping to create new trading partners, and ultimately, to expand the international marketplace on the whole."
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