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WWRE, ACNielsen, and UDEX to Launch Data Quality Program

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE), an Internet-based business-to-business exchange for retailers and suppliers, yesterday launched its data quality program in partnership with ACNielsen, a provider of marketing information and data quality/alignment services, and UDEX, a provider of product data cleansing and data quality services, to enable retailers and suppliers to achieve the level of data quality necessary to realize a return on their investment to data synchronization.

This agreement will make the WWRE the first international exchange to provide a robust data quality program on a global basis.
Through this new program, the WWRE will enable customers to prepare themselves for data synch, and be armed with the data requirements of their trading partners to start synchronizing faster.

The WWRE Data Quality Program is an enhancement to the existing implementation methodology for on-boarding customers to WorldWide Item Management (WIM), part of its WorldSYNC solution. Additional services, now provided by WWRE WorldSYNC, include GDS assessment and trading partner data needs assessment. Coupled with the WWRE's Accreditation Services, which train and educate a user on data synch, WWRE customers can now implement their GDS projects much more swiftly and effectively. Additional services include compliance checks and extended data alignment for those data synchronization initiatives expanded to include additional product attributes.

ACNielsen, with its Global Passport application and professional services, focuses on improving data quality at source and achieving data alignment behind the firewall and through the supply chain. Having worked with WWRE members such as SCA Hygiene, ACNielsen successfully assisted the exchange in aligning its data files to enable SCA to synchronize with its trading partners more effectively.

"Partnering with the WWRE is a natural fit for ACNielsen," said ACNielsen Global Services v.p. David Timberlake. "We both have global reach, ensuring that manufacturers and retailers can implement industry standards in an identical way across countries and regions. Our partnership will provide valuable support to those WWRE members that are seeking to accelerate their data synchronization activities with trading partners, as well as support to all nonmember suppliers who want to connect to the WWRE retailer systems through the exchange."

UDEX's Trustmark solutions focus on data cleansing and quality assurance to help suppliers provide product information to their trading partners. The company has provided data quality assurance services to such WWRE customers as Tesco and has helped nearly 3,000 suppliers with the preparation, cleansing, and quality control of their product information.

"Many of the world's most respected companies rely on UDEX to cleanse and quality assure their product data prior to synchronization," noted UDEX c.e.o. Robin Howe. "WWRE offers a world-class data synchronization solution, so it was only natural that we partner to provide an end-to-end blended service that delivers accurate, consistent, and complete product information to the retail supply chain."
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