Wrigley Rolls Out Mobile Interactivity Initiative

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Wrigley Rolls Out Mobile Interactivity Initiative


Wrigley has enlisted SnapTag, a logo-centric, more accessible QR code alternative from Denver-based marketing technology company SpyderLynk, as a way to reward Orbit and Juicy Fruit gum consumers, who will be able to access prize points and exclusive brand content using their smartphones.

For the Orbit back-to-school instant-win campaign, which runs through October, the inside flaps of gum packs feature one of 30 SnapTags. Mobile consumers snap and send a photo of the SnapTag to find out whether they’re winners. Participating consumers could instantly win between $20 and $100 a day in Orbit Bucks. Winners receive a response text detailing the amount of Orbit Bucks they’ve won and information about how to cash in on prizes ranging from sunglasses and backpacks to watches and computers. Consumers can take part daily to boost their chances of winning more Orbit Bucks, and more Orbit Bucks enable participants to win prizes of greater value.

SpyderLynk SnapTags will also appear on packs of Juicy Fruit gum to the delight of fans of the brand’s popular online video series, “The Serenading Unicorn.”

“Packaging is the marketing mix tool closest to the consumer, offering marketers an amazing opportunity to influence loyalty and repeat purchase decisions,” noted Nicole Skogg, SpyderLynk founder and CEO. “Wrigley has two innovative programs running this summer to drive purchase frequency for one brand and loyalty for the second brand.”

With headquarters in Chicago, Wrigley operates as a subsidiary of McLean, Va.-based Mars Inc.