Winn Meat Co. Launches Dry-Aged Beef Web Cam

DALLAS -- To try to satisfy consumer hunger for more information about where their food comes from and the processes behind specific flavors and seasonings, Winn Meat Co. based here said it has launched a Web cam to showcase the dry aging of beef.

"After much thought and months of discussion at every level of our company, it finally occurred to us that the world needs a Dry-Age Cam," said Jamie Samford, Winn Meat Co.’s corporate chef. "What could possibly be more exciting for our customers than watching proteolysis at work? At least 21 days of sheer bliss for the steak that is selected for our dry-age program." (In layman’s terms, proteolysis means the breakdown of muscle proteins.)

In seeking to “set the standard for a fabulous beef experience,” Winn recently introduced PRIMO, the Pampered Steak to the worldwide community of food fans. PRIMO's 21-day experience is documented at, with photographs that illustrate the changes in color, texture in the dry-aging cooler.

Winn’s dry-aged beef is sourced from Cargill Meat Solutions’ premium Sterling Silver Premium Meats.

"We've developed this signature process and decided to take it on as a business in 2003," said Walter Wilkerson, Winn’s president. "Our customers are looking for innovation and, ultimately, the best product available. Dry-aging delivers the most tender and flavorful beef possible."

Winn Meat Company explored and pursued its signature, custom dry-aging program through collaboration with Ted Grieb, executive chef of Dakota's in Dallas.
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