Winn-Dixie to Upgrade to VPN

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. here and San Antonio-based AT&T, Inc. have signed a three-year contract, under which AT&T will upgrade the Southeast grocer's network to AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, and thus help the food retailer implement a networking solution to support the rollout of new in-store applications.

Winn-Dixie will leverage the communication company's network services to run more efficient and profitable stores, the chain said. AT&T's VPN service will bolster the advance of in-store applications, which need a higher level of network connectivity and scalability.

AT&T' said its Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-enabled VPN solution lays out a path to migrate from the legacy data networks that Winn-Dixie now employs, and permits the grocer to expand Internet Protocol (IP)-based infrastructure.

"These AT&T services will provide an architecture to fulfill Winn-Dixie's needs as we build on our new business plan," said Winn-Dixie senior director-IT operations Rich Dubnick in a statement. "While our current network is efficient and reliable, it does not have the bandwidth necessary for our future plans. AT&T's VPN service ensures that we will be able to scale our communications and data capabilities in the future."

The solution will implement AT&T services in all 520 Winn-Dixie store locations.
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