Whole Foods Launches 'Sommelier Selects' Wine Program

Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market has launched its Sommelier Selects program, which features wines curated for the season by its master sommelier, Devon Broglie.

Beginning with bottles for summer, Broglie picked each wine to pair exceptionally well with the flavors of the season and offer “exciting, foolproof choices for shoppers.” Each 750-milliliter bottle costs less than $18, with the exception of a special 1.5-liter magnum of rosé. The program also highlights leading wine trends such as large-format bottles, high-quality canned sangria and chillable reds.

Developed by the only national retailer with a master sommelier – who happens to be one of only 236 in the world with that title – the program includes:

  • Le Pillon Gascogne: This wine tastes like a freshly picked green apple.
  • Bieler Family Daisy Pinot Grigio Blend: Intense, peachy and racy, this wine pairs well with ceviche or fish tacos.
  • El Terrano Albariño: A “zippy” and fresh wine that pairs well with paella, grilled shrimp or tapas.
  • West Side Wine Co. Chardonnay: Good for a day at the beach, this wine has flavors of pineapple and vanilla, with a touch of spritz, and can be sipped right out of the can.
  • Charles & Charles Rosé: Spicy, floral and tasting of fresh berries, this wine pairs well with Mediterranean food or even fried chicken.
  • Monterustico Piemonte Rosso: This wine, from one of the best producers, according to Broglie, has an intense structure.
  • Oregon Trails Wine Company Pinot Noir: With flavors of rosemary and plum, as well as a hint of cherry cola, this red goes well with grilled salmon.
  • Bodini Cielo Rojo Red Blend: Rich and fruity, this blend pairs suitably with carne asada or grilled sausage.
  • Ancient Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon: Able to hold its own against far more expensive wines, this classic Paso Robles cab is dense, ripe and toasty, and pairs well with flank steak.
  • Vacanze Italiane Prosecco: Suitable for the Fourth of July, this sparkling wine has hints of peach and apricot, making it refreshing in summer.
  • Begonia Sangria: Good for enjoying on a boat, this sangria is fruity and easy to drink.

The bottles will be featured at all Whole Foods stores throughout summer, and a new Sommelier Selects list will arrive during the winter.