What’s for Lunch

Oscar Mayer Lunchables’ latest incarnation includes spring water and a number of firsts for the popular brand, including sub sandwiches and applesauce. Offering six new varieties -- Turkey + Cheddar Sub Sandwich, Ham + American Sub Sandwich, Turkey + Cheddar Cracker Combos, Ham + American Cracker Combos, Deep Dish Cheese Pizza and Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza -- the product line from Northfield, Ill.-based Kraft Foods also now offers turkey made with 100 percent turkey bread, bread made with whole grain, Kraft 2% cheddar, and such desserts as Chewy Chips Ahoy! Cookies and Mini Nilla Wafers. The Turkey + Cheddar Sub Sandwich and Deep Dish Cheese Pizza varieties meet the Kraft Foods Sensible Solution criteria for nutritional value. Additionally, in the first appreciable packaging change in the brand’s 21-year history, the new line comes in an all-new clear snap-close package that uses recyclable sleeves, bottom trays and water bottles. The product, which ranges in size from 4.9 ounces to 8.1 ounces and features a 6.5-ounce bottle of spring water, retails for a suggested $3.49. More information is available at www.lunchables.com.
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