Well•Pict Introduces Online Video ‘Academy’

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Well•Pict Introduces Online Video ‘Academy’


Well•Pict Berries is launching Well•Pict Berry Academy, an online resource featuring advice for handling its proprietary berries and related stories about the produce brand’s practices and history.

Beginning with a four-part video series, the academy series educates retailers and store teams on grading and handling of berry products. The short videos also explain the brand’s origins and values, while additional segments are planned for the near future.

“We wanted to help those on the other end of the shipping process know what to look for when they receive Well•Pict Berries,” Dan Crowley, VP of sales for Well•Pict, who added that company also plans on sharing educational tools with retailers, including grading tools and aids like a strawberry inspection chart.

Since Well•Pict's products tend to be darker and softer at delivery, Crowley said the educational tools are designed to help stores better handle the product.