Weis, Giant Trot Out Holiday Meat Promos

Two Mid-Atlantic supermarket chains are spicing up their holiday meat promotions with a few new twists.

Sunbury, Pa.-based Weis Markets has launched its seven-week holiday rewards program, which allows customers to earn the reward of their choice, including a free turkey or ham, or an 80-cent-per-pound discount on some of its most popular turkeys and hams.

“Once upon a time, supermarkets offered reward programs where everybody earned the same thing: a free turkey. Certainly a good thing, but we can do better,” explained Richard Gunn, SVP of merchandising and marketing for the 194-store regional retailer. “Today, in addition to year-round gas rewards, we currently offer our customers six different reward options including free turkeys, vegetarian Tofurkys and $.80 off per pound discounts on some of our best-selling turkeys and hams. These are versatile options that offer real savings and value.” 

Customers can earn their rewards through Nov. 24 and redeem them from Nov. 10 through Nov. 25. To qualify for a free holiday reward, customers need to generate rewards points while using their Weis Preferred Shoppers card.

Once customers qualify for a reward, they can choose from various options including:

  • Free Weis Quality Frozen Turkey up to 20 pounds
  • Free John F. Martin Whole Boneless Ham up to 6 pounds
  • Free Smoked Ham Portion up to 10 pounds
  • $0.80 off per pound on any Weis Quality Spiral Ham, Weis Quality Fresh Turkey, Fresh or Frozen Turkey Breast, Fresh or Frozen Butterball Turkey, Kosher Turkey or Frozen Honeysuckle Antibiotic-free Turkey
  • Free Tofurky (40 ounces)
  • Free Stouffer’s Frozen Lasagna (90 or 96 ounces)

Giant Food's Touts Free-from Turkeys

As the countdown to Thanksgiving begins, Landover, Md.-based Giant Food has introduced Nature’s Promise turkeys at a low price of $.99 per pound. Nature’s Promise turkeys are 100 percent vegetarian-fed and raised without antibiotics.

“As a company, we are proud to be taking another step towards offering products that our customers can feel good about serving their family at a price they can feel even better about,” noted Giant Food President Gordon Reid.

Giant Food, which operates 168 supermarkets in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C., is accepting pre-orders for its Nature’s Promise turkey now through November 11. Customers who pre-order a Nature’s Promise turkey in-store at the meat counter will also receive a $5.00-off coupon to use when they pick up and pay for the turkey.

“Giant is committed to helping our customers eat well and save money, and Nature’s Promise products have been an integral part of this effort,” continued Reid, noting that the line is a pillar of the chain’s fast-growing organic offerings. Earlier this year, as part of a brand refresh, Nature’s Promise natural products were labeled “Free from.” In addition to turkeys, Giant sells more than 800 fresh, grocery, health and beauty, and household Nature’s Promise products.

The latest iteration of Giant’s Nature’s Promise products includes all-purpose household cleaners, hand soaps, vitamins, baby food, spices, artisan breads, marinades and turkey bacon continue to hit the shelves weekly.

In addition to Nature’s Promise turkeys, customers can choose from a wide variety of Giant brand and national brand fresh and frozen turkeys for the holiday.

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