Wegmans, Target Tops in Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction: Study

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Wegmans, Target Tops in Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction: Study

According to the recent J.D. Power and Associates 2009 National Pharmacy Study, in the area of customer satisfaction, Wegmans ranked highest in the supermarket segment, with a score of 865, followed by Winn-Dixie with 860 and Publix with 855. In the mass merchandiser segment, Target came in first in customer satisfaction for a third straight year, with a score of 831, while Costco (818) and Sam’s Club (813) were second and third.

The study, now in its third year, gauges customer satisfaction with brick-and-mortar and mail-order pharmacies. The brick-and-mortar contingent comprises chain drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers. J.D. Power and Associates looks at seven key factors that contribute to customer satisfaction with brick-and-mortar pharmacies: non-pharmacist staff, store convenience, medication availability and information, store layout and design, cost competitiveness, remote ordering convenience, and pharmacist. Five factors are examined in the mail-order segment: ordering convenience, delivery convenience, medication availability and information, cost competitiveness, and customer service.

An additional finding of the study was that customers with higher satisfaction scores are financially beneficial to their pharmacies through higher rates of loyalty and advocacy and increased revenue per visit. Highly satisfied customers (those with satisfaction scores of 901 or more) are three times more likely to say they “definitely will” return to their pharmacy, and are at least seven times more likely to say they “definitely will” recommend their pharmacy, vs. customers who are less satisfied (those with scores of 550 or lower).

“Pharmacies have an opportunity to grow their business and better position themselves for the future by improving satisfaction levels among their customers,” said Jim Dougherty, executive director of the health care practice at J.D. Power and Associates. “For example, a highly satisfied brick-and-mortar customer generates $30 more in pharmacy revenue per visit than a customer with low satisfaction, on average. For a pharmacy with 1,000 customers each month, this translates into an additional $360,000 in revenue annually.”

The pharmacy ratings can be viewed at JDPower.com.

Fielded from May through June 2009, the 2009 National Pharmacy Study is based on Web responses from 12,215 customers who filled a new prescription or refilled a prescription during the three months before the survey period.

Based in Westlake Village, Calif., J.D. Power and Associates, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Cos., is a global marketing information services company operating in key business sectors including market research, forecasting, performance improvement, Web intelligence and customer satisfaction.