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Wegmans Expands Inventory Optimization Chainwide

Wegmans, operator of 88 supermarkets across six northeastern and mid-Atlantic states, is expanding an inventory optimization solution to most major departments in all its stores.  

Future phases will add the Itasca Magic CGO (Computer Generated Ordering) to general merchandise, health and beauty care, direct-store delivered, and perishables categories to the grocery, frozen and dairy categories it rolled out chainwide over the past year.

Jack DePeters, Wegmans’ SVP store operations, said, “At each stage – from the first pilot stores, to adding more categories, to implementation chain wide – we have documented increasing benefits. We are already better at ordering accuracy, staying in-stock, and reduced overall store inventories.” 

Meanwhile, early results of testing of CGO for several random weight produce items have been positive, added Dave DeLaus, Wegmans’ CIO/SVP.

“The year ahead offers several excellent opportunities to further extend the benefits of CGO,” said Jeff Kennedy, president of Des Moines, Iowa-based Itasca Retail Information Systems, which provides solutions for DSD and associated data management, in addition to inventory optimization and CGO.  

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