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Wegmans e-Coupons Draw Mixed Reviews: Report

A deliberate latecomer to the digital coupon arena, Wegmans Food Markets finally offers them in most of its 90-plus stores – but only for the grocer’s own products. This policy, which results in a limited offering, as well as the company’s behind-the-times approach, has drawn a mixed response from shoppers, according to a report in Coupons in the News.

“Welcome to 2016 … It’s about time,” a Facebook commenter was quoted in the report, in reaction to the grocer’s e-coupon program rollout, while another bemoaned the small selection: “I was so excited to see Wegmans digital coupons. Got the app and am so disappointed. They had 3 or 4 coupons, that’s it!”

Rochester, N.Y.-based Wegmans plans eventually to tailor its digital coupon offering to individual shoppers. “In the future, we hope to customize digital coupons based on the products a customer has purchased,” a Wegmans spokesperson was quoted as saying in the Coupons in the News piece.

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