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Wawa Teams With Radiant Systems for Self-Serve Kiosks

ATLANTA - One of the nation's most innovative convenience store retailers, Wawa, Inc. has launched a new customer self-service kiosk solution from Radiant Systems, Inc. in more than 500 of its stores throughout Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Aimed to help its stores fulfill its mission to simplify customers' daily lives, Wawa will use Radiant CSS to processes hundreds of orders daily for its highly successful built-to-order hoagies, salads, and other specialty food items.

"Providing excellent customer service and very high quality products -- particularly in regard to our fresh food offerings -- is vital to Wawa's core purpose," said John Cunningham, director of store operations technology at the suburban Philadelphia c-store chain. "Radiant CSS has enabled Wawa to serve more customers, serve them faster, and consistently get their orders correct. With Radiant CSS, we effectively offer customers new products and special promotions. And the system never forgets the up-sell, cross-sell, or special offer."

Wawa has located the kiosks in a prominent location in and has integrated Radiant CSS fully into store processes, says Scott Kingsfield, v.p./g.m of petroleum, c-store, and grocery at Radiant, and has provided staff with training on managing, maintaining and using the system. "The result is a greatly improved capability to elevate customer loyalty, increase average ticket amounts, and reduce waste," notes Kingsfield.

Radiant CSS presents new products to customers on an initial screen viewed on an easy-to-use interface. The solution suggests a variety of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that complement the customers' initial orders. For example, customers ordering sandwiches are asked if they would like to add bacon to the sandwich or add a bag of chips, a beverage, or another item to their order.

The Radiant Food Production System receives orders from the kiosks and guides the Wawa staff in preparation. During the short wait for an order to be completed, customers are free to shop in the store and pay for their order as well as other items.
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