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Walmart's AI-Powered Future

How the retailer is leveraging the tech to increase efficiencies and improve customer experience
Gina Acosta, Progressive Grocer
At the CES show in January, Walmart gave a demo of its inventory management tech powered by AI.

Walmart has made a lot of news this year with a variety of announcements about AI, part of its new "adaptive retail" strategy.

“While omnichannel retail has been around for decades, this new type of retail – adaptive retail – takes it a step further,” said Suresh Kumar, global chief technology officer and chief development officer, Walmart. “It’s retail that is not only e-commerce or in-store, but a single, unified retail experience that seamlessly blends the best aspects of all channels. And for Walmart, adaptive retail is rooted in a clear focus on people.”

The first of these adaptive retail efforts have been focused on customer-facing tools:

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