Walgreens Chicago-Area Staff Pharmacists Return After Strike

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Leading drugstore chain Walgreens issued a statement yesterday welcoming all its Chicago-area staff pharmacists back to work, after a strike that lasted less than a month.

Walgreens was notified late Monday night by an official of the National Pharmacists Association, the bargaining agent for staff pharmacists at Chicago-area Walgreens, that pharmacists from 400 Chicago-area Walgreen stores voted to return to work at a special membership meeting. The union called a work stoppage on July 6.

"We look forward to having all of our area staff pharmacists back on the job," said Walgreens spokesperson Michael Polzin.

The union said that it would continue to try to negotiate a contract with Walgreens. It has said the workers are at odds with Walgreen over lower staffing levels, growing workloads, and thus the greater risk of errors. Walgreens has maintained that its pharmacists are safe, and argued that the union was using the issue to bargain for more money.

Walgreen Co. operates 4,834 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico.
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