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Walgreens and Google to Allow Customers, MDs Access to Their Prescription History

Drug chain Walgreens is teaming up with Google to provide pharmacy patients access to their personal prescription history, through Google Health, a new product developed to help users store, organize, and manage their medical records online.

"Doctors often don't have access to a patient's complete prescription history, which can lead to harmful drug interactions," said Don Huonker, Walgreens s.v.p. of health care innovation. "While many patients use Walgreens online pharmacy to access their prescription history, they don't always provide that information to their doctor.

"By partnering with Google Health, we can securely link a patient's pharmacy information with their Google Health account on their request. This will make it even easier for patients to communicate their information to multiple doctors and their caretakers, who can be granted access to their Google Health account with the patient's permission when the feature is enabled in the near future."

The pharmacy is fully integrated with Walgreens retail pharmacies, ensuring the patient's online prescription history is complete. Once a patient requests the service, Walgreens will securely transfer an updated copy of their prescription history to Google Health on a daily basis.

"This is all about providing health care practitioners and caretakers better access to medical information," said Huonker. "Google's brand recognition and the popularity of its health search make the company a leading partner for an initiative like this."

Walgreens operates 6,204 drugstores in 49 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
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