Wal-Mart's Redmond Selected as 'Seafood Champion'

BENTONVILLE, Ark. -- Peter Redmond, divisional merchandise manager/deli/seafood for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., was honored as a Seafood Champion award recipient by Seafood Choices Alliance, during the global trade association's Seafood Summit 2007, which took place over the weekend in Jacksonville, Fla.

Redmond was honored at a reception in front of more than 200 peers and colleagues in the sustainable seafood movement.

Noting that its Seafood Champions "represent the very best in leadership and vision," Mike Boots, director of Seafood Choices Alliance, said Redmond and three other award recipients are "fostering change both within their companies and across the industry that will allow them to maintain profitable businesses and sell a variety of seafood for years to come. Their investments today to change business operations and reorient purchasing practices are helping ensure a diverse and abundant supply of seafood tomorrow."

Silver Spring, Md.-based Seafood Choices Alliance is a nonprofit global trade association for ocean-friendly seafood.
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