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Wal-Mart Tops Fortune's Most Admired Companies List

NEW YORK - The world's largest retailer was named America's most admired company in Fortune magazine for the second year in a row, despite a year of bad press and lagging stock prices. The article appears in the publication's March 1 issue.

In addition to the 2004 top 10 list, which finds IBM resurfacing at the No. 10 spot after a 17-year absence, the Most Admired feature contains an essay asking, "Should We Admire Wal-Mart?"

Following Wal-Mart on the list are Berkshire Hathaway (No. 2), Southwest Airlines (No. 3), General Electric (No. 4), Dell (No. 5), Microsoft (No. 6), Johnson & Johnson (No. 7), Starbucks (No. 8), FedEx (No. 9), and IBM (No. 10).

In addition to ranking the top 10 Most Admired Companies, Fortune also ranks companies by industry.
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