Wal-Mart Participates in Amber Alert Program

BENTONVILLE, Ark. - Wal-Mart Stores here has teamed with mobile communications firm Qualcomm to implement a program that will alert Wal-Mart truck drivers about Amber Alerts of missing children through the new "Roadwatch: Missing Child Alert" system.

Together the companies will issue the alerts that come through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to drivers of Wal-Mart trucks nationwide via Qualcomm's OmniTRACS mobile communications system. This program expands Wal-Mart's "Missing Children's Network" efforts to the nation's highways and the watchful eyes of the trucking fleet's drivers. The "Missing Children's Network" is a partnership between Wal-Mart and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

"As the watchdogs of America's Highways, truck drivers have the unique ability to help identify and report vehicles and individuals who may be involved in child abductions," said Chris Wolfe, president of Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions in San Diego. "By providing timely Amber Alerts directly to the drivers in their cabs, we hope to assist in rescuing the hundreds of children who are abducted each year."

"Wal-Mart is committed to helping keep kids safe, and the 'Roadwatch: Missing Child Alert' program allows us to expand our efforts beyond the Wal-Mart stores to the highways," said Dave Reiff, senior v.p. of transportation at Wal-Mart. "We're excited to deploy the 'Roadwatch: Missing Child Alert' system and enable our truck drivers to support the nation's Amber Plan program and help contribute to the recovery of missing children in the United States."
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