Wal-Mart CEO Optimistic About Holiday Season

BENTONVILLE, Ark. -- Wal-Mart c.e.o. Lee Scott said he feels "good," "excited," and "optimistic" about the upcoming holiday season, during the second day of the company's analyst and investor meeting yesterday in Rogers, Ark.

Lee noted that the retailer will be stocked with "great merchandise" and low prices that customers will love, as well as new "Christmas shops" inside its stores to showcase holiday products.

In other holiday-related Wal-Mart news, the retailer has reportedly threatened legal action against Web sites that leak prices about its post-Thanksgiving sales in advance. Wal-Mart has sent legal notices to at least three sites that have obtained Black Friday ads in advance and posted them days or weeks ahead, according to press reports. The letters cite the company's rights under trade-secret and copyright laws.
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