Wal-Mart Canada to Close One of its Unionized Stores in Quebec

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Wal-Mart Canada here said yesterday it plans to close one of its two unionized stores in Quebec this spring, citing economic reasons.

The store to be closed is located in Saguenay, about 250 kilometres north of Quebec City.

Roch Landriault, Wal-Mart's Quebec spokesman, told local reporters that the closing is "unfortunate," noting that 190 people will lose their jobs.

"Unfortunately, this store is in financial difficulty," Landriault said in an interview with the Canadian Press.

He noted the unionization process at the store has gone on for two years and that there has been little progress recently in negotiating a contract.

The store was finally unionized last summer. Since then, another outlet east of Montreal has received its union accreditation.
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