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Wal-Mart Among New Winn-Dixie Lease Owners

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Yesterday was a busy day in bankruptcy court for Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., as two of the regional retailer's lease assignments and several landlord lease terminations were approved.

The lease for store 206 in Coral Springs, Fla. was sold to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. for $35,000; while the lease for store 2002 in Charlotte, N.C. was sold to MD Investment, LLC for $250,000, Winn-Dixie spokeswoman Kathy Lussier told Progressive Grocer.

The landlord lease terminations, in which Winn-Dixie rejected certain leases and the landlords agreed to take them over by paying a fee to Winn-Dixie, included the following:

-- Store 229, Coral Springs, Fla., Stiles West Associates, Ltd., terminated for $26,255 plus a waiver of $1,663,631;

-- Store 408, Sandersonville, Ga., Kaolin Plaza, LLC, $25,000

-- Store 847, Sanford, N.C., IDR Jr., Rose Holding LTD Partnership and SRE, Inc., $100 plus a waiver of $269,592

-- Store 1466, Baker, La., EBR Limited Liability Company, $75,000 plus a waiver of $633,119

-- Store 2708, Smyrna, Ga., $17,000 plus waiver of $405,692

-- Store 1249, Waynesville, N.C., Waynesville Shopping Center, $17,500 for equipment in store, (lease had just expired) plus waiver of any and all claims

Two other store leases that are in discussions have been continued until a bankruptcy court hearing on Sept. 22, Lussier said.
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