VNU Hispanic Retail 360 Conference & Expo

VNU's new conference and exposition aimed at helping retailers maximize their business to the growing Hispanic market in the U.S. will make its debut in Dallas this fall.

VNU Business Media is launching the inaugural Hispanic Retail 360 Conference & Expo in Dallas on Sept. 25-27, 2005. With the aid of a Retailer Advisory Board consisting of market leaders across all channels of retailing (including grocery, drug, mass, dollar, and convenience stores), the Hispanic Retail 360 Conference & Expo is putting together an action-oriented agenda provided by industry experts, like Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, as well as new and integrated information from VNU's world-leading information companies.

The event will also feature a robust product exposition showcase where suppliers will have the opportunity to display their offerings aimed at the Latino shopper.

"While the Hispanic consumer market represents a significant growth opportunity for both retailers and suppliers, it is also one of the most complex markets for researchers, marketers, buyers and sales professionals to understand," said Don Longo, editorial director for the Retail Group of VNU Business Publications. "Retailers, in particular, have told us they need to increase their knowledge of how to target, segment and execute merchandising and marketing plans to Latino shoppers."

Sponsors include Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch and Energizer.

For more information, please contact Don Longo, director, editorial and content development, Retail Group, VNU Business Media, at 646-654-7489, or [email protected], or visit
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