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Visual Networks Helps Kroger Improve Application Delivery Across New IP/MPLS Network

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Visual Networks, a provider of performance management solutions, today announced that Kroger is using the Visual UpTime Select performance management system to help roll out new applications across a new multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based IP-VPN network linking several thousand stores across the USA.

Cincinnati-based Kroger selected Visual UpTime Select to troubleshoot wide area network performance while migrating from an underlying frame relay network to an IP-VPN network based on MPLS. The Kroger IP-VPN network enables the chain to manage the performance of critical applications while monitoring the bandwidth utilization on the underlying carrier circuits across the new IP-VPN infrastructure.

"With Visual UpTime Select, Kroger is successfully addressing the long-standing challenges of large-scale network management while also dealing with application delivery over new IP services such as MPLS," said Larry Barker, president and c.e.o. of Visual Networks.

Using Visual UpTime Select allows Kroger to troubleshoot IP traffic flows that carry mission-critical applications across its operations. Paul Grone, v.p. of infrastructure management at Kroger, indicated that in order to keep sites running and to maximize application availability, Kroger needs to monitor end-to-end traffic between sites with one end of the connection terminating in multiple diverse OC-3 circuits at its data center location. With Visual UpTime Select, the company is able to view traffic streams in real-time on high speed links and gain insight into the performance of its key applications. This enables Kroger to resolve connectivity problems and tune applications rapidly and remotely.
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