Virtually All Grocery Manufacturers Are Enhancing Nutritional Choices: GMA Report

WASHINGTON -- Ninety-eight percent of grocery manufacturers surveyed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) here said they're reformulating and introducing new products with nutritional improvements.

GMA's "Industry Report on Health and Wellness," released yesterday, found that saturated fat has been reduced or eliminated in 3,644 products and sizes, while trans fat was reduced or eliminated in about 4,202 products and sizes. Calorie reduction was seen in 1,323 products and sizes. Manufacturers have also reduced sugar or carbohydrates in 1,208 products and sizes, and have reduced sodium in 886 products and sizes.

Good things are being added to products, too. The report found that vitamin and mineral fortification was seen in 886 products and sizes.

In addition, a majority of the companies surveyed are providing wellness programs within their companies. Eighty percent of respondents provide on-site weight-loss programs and/or nutritional counseling, for instance.

The GMA survey included responses from 49 companies, representing approximately $250 billion in annual U.S. sales.
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