Vallarta Supermarkets to Deploy Web-based Price Optimization

CANOGA PARK , Calif. -- Regional independent Hispanic-themed grocer Vallarta Supermarkets said it plans to use a Web-based price optimization system to help manage multiple price zones and its competitive position in each of its markets.

The 21-store chain will install the Retail Advanced Pricing System (RAPS) from Revionics, which has developed Internet-based price optimization software specifically for the independent grocer market. The solution was designed to generate increased sales and profits through price optimization technology as a subscription-based, software as a service (SaaS). According to the vendor, RAPS, allows retailers to manage information from multiple distributors, manage multiple stores' prices from one screen, and manage temporary price reductions from several manufacturers.
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"Revionics will provide value by allowing us to tailor our pricing strategies without adding personnel," said Raymond Jones, director of purchasing for Vallarta. "Revionics price optimization capability is a clear choice over rules-based price management systems."
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