Utah Independent Grocer to Send Doughnut Into Space

Utah Independent Grocer to Send Doughnut Into Space
Bowman's Market will launch a doughnut into space to celebrate National Donut Day

Bowman’s Market, an independent grocer in Kaysville, Utah, will celebrate National Donut Day by launching one of its scratch-made doughnuts into space on June 7 at about 10 a.m., thereby proving that the store’s doughnuts are truly “out of this world.”

The store’s baker, Noah Wenzel, who is also a flight director, got the idea from a similar effort that took place in Europe and decided his doughnuts deserved an equal shot at recognition.

“It’s been an extremely rewarding project so far,” said Wenzel. “We view ourselves as a unique store, and launching a doughnut into space matches up with our mission to do fun and extraordinary things in our community.”

The doughnut, which will be placed on a platform attached to a box containing a camera and GPS equipment, will be launched from the store parking lot. The box is attached to a parachute affixed to a weather balloon filled with helium. The balloon will rise to about 22 miles in the atmosphere, when changes in air pressure will cause it to pop. Then the parachute will deploy to help guide the doughnut back to earth. Consumers can follow the doughnut’s adventure at bowmansmarket.com as the GPS provides tracking updates every 60 seconds.

Customers have been asked to help name the doughnut and can attend the June 7 launch. The store has also launched contest for customers to pick where they think the doughnut will land. To help promote the event, Bowman’s Market has created a promotional video and a coloring contest for children.

Independent grocer Bowman’s Market opened in Kaysville in 1913 and offers a full-service bakery; deli, grocery, meat, produce and nonfoods departments; and friendly service.

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