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Using Cloud-Based Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management
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Using Cloud-Based Technology to Improve Supply Chain Quality Management


Product recalls, ingredient shortages and cybersecurity attacks can all threaten a grocery business' operations and reputation. To address these threats, new and improved technology is being increasingly employed to manage everything from supply chain risk management to meeting regulatory requirements. Such innovative solutions not only lead to increased profits and growth, but also build a more resilient, sustainable business. 

NSF TraQtion®, a cloud-based software solution offered by NSF, a leading global public health and safety organization, allows companies to manage complex and critical data more confidently. It also helps grocers of all sizes stock high-quality products on their shelves for customers to buy across their digital platforms and brick-and-mortar stores.

NSF Traqtion

Going Digital with Supplier Requirements

NSF TraQtion® reduces administrative overhead with proactive supplier management by directing suppliers to use an online portal to register, upload documents, complete questionnaires and communicate. Suppliers also gain access to intelligent compliance engines that detect potential issues by comparing their information against company requirements. This data can be used to assess risks and analyze trends and supplier performance to prioritize continuous improvements, allocate resources to the appropriate sectors and make data-driven decisions. 

Additionally, supplier portals aid in supplier-business collaboration and allow for improved communication and consistency among assessors, as well as provide access to historical documents and information. Companies transitioning to digital tools often notice a reduction in data errors and requirement misinterpretation.

“We use the system’s analytics to assess the impact of an issue, which helps us mitigate and resolve it — like creating a new allergen-free menu,” said Philip Quinn, Senior Director of Quality Assurance at Papa Johns International. “NSF brings technical expertise, wide experience and the ability to listen. And we get value from their focus on the food industry — that’s a differentiator for us.”

Cloud-Based Compliance

NSF TraQtion® was developed to help organizations maintain higher levels of safety and quality compliance and provide a vital digital tool for businesses looking to improve and adapt their supply chain activities to the latest industry standards.  

NSF TraQtion®’s modular-based offerings include Supplier and Compliance Management, Product Specification Management, Corporate and Supply Chain Sustainability Management, Audit and Assessment Management, Complaints and Issues Management, and Artwork Management. The software is a leading example of how a cloud-based program can aggregate multiple supply chain and quality processes into a single platform. 

For grocery businesses with private labels, the capability to identify sources for all ingredients in a recipe or formulation, minimize the impact of recalls, stay on top of corrective actions, and identify recurring actions to mitigate risks is especially helpful. 

Centralized digital software enables easy storytelling for businesses, from artwork to sustainability reporting, leading to the development of a confident brand identity that can adapt to changing regulations. Modular-based solutions are versatile and cost-effective; companies simply choose which module offerings fit their business needs and have the option to add additional offerings as applicable. 

Cloud-based solutions provide a single source of truth, expediting data, documents and records collection in real time during audits and assessments, allowing for effortless delivery when program documentation is requested or required. With live synchronization of information, results can be shared with users on-site and around the globe. NSF TraQtion® also provides users with a collation of assessment results and corrective action responses vital to decision-making and review processes.  

NSF TraQtion Food Product testing

Protecting Your Data

While adopting cloud-based or digital solutions is pivotal, safeguarding data is paramount. NSF TraQtion® is certified to ISO/IEC 27001, an international standard developed for information security management systems. Platforms with this high-security certification provide assurance against data loss, firewalls, and virus and malware protection. Additionally, a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PSI-DSS) compliant software ensures data confidentiality, integrity and availability are never at risk. NSF TraQtion®’s application programming interface (API) for retailers can be used to interface with other systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), used across the business. 

Streamlining Platform Management

NSF takes care of the hosting, administration, security and continuous improvements of NSF TraQtion® so you can focus on your day job. There are no software licenses, hardware or IT administration resources required. License and maintenance costs are shared by all customers that use the multi-tenant cloud platform. Teams and suppliers have access to technical application support included in the subscription to simplify budgeting. 

Safeguarding in Today’s Environment

As the grocery industry adapts to new regulations, technology innovations and supply chain risks, NSF is committed to protecting every facet of operations, from prevention to cybersecurity, with the collective goal of protecting consumers. Using NSF TraQtion® simplifies historically complicated supply chain processes and reduces the risk of errors in supplier management.  

Consumer safety and brand reputation mean more now than ever before. Protect them both with NSF TraQtion®