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USDA to Receive $367 Million More for Biosecurity

WASHINGTON - The US Department of Agriculture will receive $367 million in new federal funds to further protect crops and livestock against biological attacks, the agency said Thursday, according to Reuters.

The new money is part of a $318 billion defense spending bill signed into law Thursday by President George W. Bush. It will also be used to fund nutrition programs strained by the downturn in the U.S. economy.

The additional USDA funds include:

- $105 million to bolster Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
detection and monitoring of pests and diseases;

- $80 million for upgrading USDA facilities and security;

- $50 million for a National Animal Disease Laboratory;

- $39 million for nutrition programs for low-income single women and their

The new law also will provide added funding for other USDA-run labs, the agency said.
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