Uno Chicago Grill Becomes First Casual Dining Chain to Offer Trans Fat-free Fries

BOSTON - Fast-casual dining chain Uno Chicago Grill, based here, said yesterday it is rolling out trans fat-free French fries in its more than 200 locations, becoming the first national casual dining chain to do so.

"We are committed to eliminating trans fats across the board on our menu," said Frank Guidara, c.e.o. of Uno Chicago Grill, in a statement. "When we launched our new menu a year ago, we stopped cooking with any oils that contained trans fat and eliminated trans fats from all of our salad dressings. Now, we're taking the next step and offering trans fat-free French fries in all of our restaurants."
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The company said it has been a challenge to develop a trans fat-free French fry that meets its "high standards for taste and texture."

Said Guidara, "We had to find a trans fat-free product that was indistinguishable from the terrific French fries that we have always served in our restaurants. It took us a full year, but we finally succeeded."

The company said the new trans fat-free French fries will be available in all Uno Chicago Grill restaurants by the end of October.

Uno Chicago Grill said Guidara serves on the Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Roundtable, where elimination of trans fats has become a key topic of discussion.
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