United Fresh Unveils Best New Products

The United Fresh Produce Association unveiled this year's slate of New Product Awards at the association's annual convention and expo, co-located with FMI Connect in Chicago.

Showcasing the best-of-the-best in five product categories, more than 40 fresh fruit and vegetable innovations competed for the coveted awards. 

The 2014 New Product Award winners are:

  • Best New Food Safety Solution: FoodLink Fresh - FoodLink
  • Best New Fruit Product: Crunch Pak with Marvel Apple Snacker, Crunch Pak
  • Best New Packaging Product: Josie’s Organics Romaine Hearts, Braga Fresh Family Farms
  • Best New Packing/Processing Equipment: STRAWBERRY CAPPER Mod. Frazer, Turatti S.R.L.
  • Best New Vegetable Product: Y.E.L.O., Mastronardi Produce/Sunset

"These winning products have been selected by United attendees as outstanding representations of the new approaches, ideas and processes that are driving the fresh fruit and vegetable industry forward, and we applaud them for their product development," said John Toner, Washington, D.C.-based United's VP of convention & industry relations. "From its very beginnings, the United show has been the undisputed home of innovation for the produce industry, and these awards continue to showcase the best and brightest minds in the produce business."

The United Fresh Produce Association serves companies at the forefront of the global fresh and fresh-cut produce industry, including growers, shippers, fresh-cut processors, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, foodservice operators, industry suppliers and allied associations.

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