Uniforms for Fast Fooderies and the Golden Girls Café

Uniforms have been pretty standard for fast fooderies. From Howard Johnson’s paper hats and white doctor-like shirts, to McDonald’s ever changing color combinations, to crew members just wearing t-shirts with the restaurant’s logo, not much has changed – still pretty conservative and clean cut looking. Until now. 

Starbucks is loosening its dress code. While still required to wear one of those attractive green aprons, its employees can now show what they really are as the company’s announcement heralded their staff "to shine as individuals while continuing to present a clean, neat and professional appearance." 

What that means is more grays, navys and browns (instead of black or white), and probably the most daring is relaxing their rule on no purple, pink or neon hair – any hair color goes – and to top it off, you can express yourself with any kind of hat, except backwards baseball caps (sorry, Beiber). 

Their hope is to build morale and certainly make it a bit hipper for their customers to enjoy.

Celebrities Love Owning Restaurants 

Some do it for love of food, or money while some like Bon Jovi, do it to change the world. One of the newest ventures into food service is coming to us from Michael J. LaRue, with help from his long time and now departed friend, Rue McClanahan of the Golden Girls. His plan is to open up a Golden Girls café in Manhattan. 

Betty White, 94, is expected to show up for the ribbon cutting and presumably will be tasting Bea Arthur’s pasta salad, Estelle Getty’s chocolate chip cookies, and Rue’s orange poppy seed cake. 

Just have to wonder if they will be posting a minimum age requirement – like 80 – to get a reservation.

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