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Unified Western Grocers Moves Toward Global Data Synchronization

Commerce, Calif. -- Retailer-owned wholesale grocery cooperative Unified Western Grocers, Inc., is looking to move beyond its certified data synchronization solution and build a foundation for future RFID efforts.

To do this, Unified Western Grocers, Inc. is implementing Cactus GDS Accelerator for BizTalk Server 2004 to achieve global data synchronization with its supplier and distribution partners.

Cactus GDS Accelerator for BizTalk Server 2004 allows companies to connect to UCCnet and the Global Registry, and integrate accurate real-time data into existing management systems. The software uses Microsoft-based Internet technologies.

Unified successfully worked with e-business software and services provider Cactus Commerce in 2003 to develop a certified data synchronization solution for UCCnet using Microsoft's UCCnet developer toolkit. As part of an early adopter program, Unified is now upgrading to Cactus GDS Accelerator for BizTalk Server, which will allow the retailer to take advantage of the software's added features, including a product information consolidation database and use of Web services to enable richer back office integration capabilities, while keeping up to date with changes to UCCnet and other data pools as required.

"By achieving global data synchronization, we expect to achieve significant savings in our supply chain by reducing data errors and through better integration with our existing business processes," said Greg Vick, executive director, supply chain and e-commerce systems at Unified.

An added benefit to Unified of deploying Cactus GDS Accelerator is that it puts in place a foundation for the management of EPCglobal data in future RFID implementations. Achieving global data synchronization between trading partners is an essential first step before the full benefit of RFID technology in the supply chain can be realized.
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