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UNFI Drivers Vote for 1st Teamster Contract

Drivers for distributor United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) in Moreno Valley, Calif., this week unanimously ratified their first Teamster contract, which provides job protections, overtime pay after eight and 40 hours, and a 40-hour weekly guarantee.

“We want to bring the benefits of a Teamster contract to all warehouse workers and drivers in the natural foods distribution sector,” said Randy Korgan, organizing director for Teamsters Local 63 and Joint Council 42. “We believe this jointly negotiated agreement between the Teamsters and UNFI shows that a new path of co-operation can be accomplished. In the current turbulent environment facing wholesale distributors, this agreement will bring stability to both workers and their employers.”

Added Steve Vairma, director of the Washington, D.C.-based International Brotherhood of the Teamsters Warehouse Division, “I believe we will very soon have many opportunities to reproduce their success in campaigns to organize natural foods distribution employees across the country.”


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