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Ukrop's Upgrades Data Warehouse

RICHMOND, Va. --Ukrop's Super Markets here has upgraded its data warehouse supplied by Teradata, a division of Dayton, Ohio-based NCR Corp. The new system will help drive the retailer's strategic marketing initiatives, and also act as a repository for transaction log data.

Ukrop's was facing storage capacity issues, according to NCR. The new Teradata technology should increase the chain's storage capacity by 750 percent, while simultaneously lowering its overall IT budget and expanding the versatility of the system.

"Teradata is a cost-effective way for a grocer of our size to overcome any IT infrastructure challenges and provide our customers with the services they want," said Chellam Manickam, v.p. of IT at Ukrop's. "The system will help us improve our one-to-one marketing activities, empower our category managers and store managers with accurate data, and deliver higher value to our customers." The Teradata system will also accommodate a move to zone pricing, he added.
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