U.K. Private Label Consultancy Opens U.S. Office

BLUE TAGG, a dedicated private label consultancy for major retailers has opened an office in Chicago, its first in the United States.

“As consumers here shift to a more cost-conscious lifestyle, we’re here to help retailers adapt and evolve through the strongest private label offer possible,” said BLUE TAGG managing partner Bruce Drinkwater. “Shoppers want high-quality packaged goods at budget-friendly prices, and we have more than 15 years’ experience in a market where private label is the norm, not the exception.”

Among the recent reports cited by the company to back its expansion to the United States:

-- According to "The 2008 Private Label Report: Understanding Emerging Trends and Key Success Factors in Private Label"), a study from IRI, Nearly 75 percent of all U.S. consumers rate private label offerings as excellent in overall quality, and despite generally flat sales during the past few years, store brands are gaining favorability in key CPG categories

--- “Store Brands and the Recession,” from the Private Label Manufacturers Association found that shoppers can save about 30 percent off their grocery bills by purchasing store-brand products on weekly supermarket trips; more than 30 percent of consumers polled say they’re now “buying more store brand products” than a year ago, and almost three out of four say current economic conditions are “important” in deciding to buy more private label; and the percentage of consumers who say that they buy private label “frequently” has increased dramatically to 55 percent from 41 percent in 2006 and a mere 12 percent in 1991.

BLUE TAGG, which specializes in strategy, packaging design, design implementation, structural design, production artwork, pre-press consulting, illustration and photography, mock-up, prototyping and imaging arose from Storm Brand Design, a U.K. design firm with a focus on major retail clients such as Sainsbury's, Halfords and Aldi. Private label has been ingrained in the purchasing culture of the United Kingdom for over 20 years.
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