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UCC Launches EAN.UCC Bar Code Consultant Certification

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. - The Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) yesterday launched a new certification program for bar code consultants trained to implement and maintain EAN.UCC System standards.

The new UCC Solution Partner Program’s EAN.UCC Bar Code Consultant certification is designed to provide the UCC community with a resource pool of trained and certified solution partners who can assist with implementation tasks, such as creating identification numbers and printing bar codes, compliant to the EAN.UCC System standards, UCC said.

The program trains, tests, and certifies individuals, which then allows their organizations to offer education and services for implementing the standards of the EAN.UCC System, including Application Identifiers (AI), approved symbologies and specifications such as EAN/UPC, and Reduced Space Symbology.

"The certification program answers some of the biggest challenges companies face when searching for a consultant or organization to help implement the standards of the EAN.UCC System," said Dennis Harrison, president of EAN.UCC and s.v.p. of the UCC.

The Solution Partner Program increases awareness, adoption, and implementation of UCC standards by facilitating a partnership between the UCC and solution providers to produce standards-compliant, "off-the-shelf" implementation solutions for the expanding UCC community, the organization said. It currently certifies products and services in the areas of the EAN.UCC System, UCCnet, and RosettaNet; and plans to offer EPCglobal US certifications by early 2005.

UCC makes a Solution Partner directory available on its Web site. UCC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and implementation of global standards for the improvement of supply and demand chains.
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