Tyson To Extend Name on Newly Acquired Thomas E. Wilson Brand

SPRINGDALE, Ark. - Tyson Foods Inc. on Monday said it will drop the Thomas E. Wilson brand name it acquired after taking on meatpacker IBP Inc. and will eventually replace it with the Tyson name on some beef and pork product lines.

Tyson said it will initially convert all Thomas E. Wilson branded case ready beef to clear film packaging with no brand affiliation. These conversions will begin immediately and should be completed over the next six months, depending on the product category.

"This strategic decision results from extensive research and evaluation of customers and consumers over the past 12 months," said Chairman and CEO John Tyson. "Consumers clearly identify the Tyson brand as one of the strongest and most trusted in America with 95 percent recognition."

The conversion of the Thomas E. Wilson brand will affect products in three different categories: roasts and further processed beef and pork items, case ready pork, and case ready beef.

Company spokesman Ed Nicholson said the Wilson name -- without "Thomas E." will remain on some items but did not elaborate.
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