Twitter — 50 Million Tweets a Day

Micro-blogging platform Twitter is now logging 50 million tweets a day — not bad when you consider the number was just 5,000 in 2007.

And as more people use the service to share what’s happening in their own world, Twitter is gathering enough data to start trending.

Twitter trends began as a way to shed light on popular conversations by studying how a topic can spread across the world in real-time. Recently, Twitter began rolling out a new feature — now fully launched — called Local Trends to expose users to what people are talking about on the state and city level.

The Twitter home page has a menu that allows you to edit and set your local settings so that you’ll see the tweets of your area. If you enter a search term, such as “eating,” you’ll get a list of tweets that have the word “eating” in the copy. Studying these tweets may help you pick up on dining trends in your area, and help you adjust your offerings to address this trend in tastes.

Twitter plans to enhance this feature over time to provide more locations, languages and data.
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