TWIG Nominations Login and Editing Instructions

Before You Begin

  1. Carefully review all of the Top Women in Grocery official rules.
  2. Review the sample entry and gather all of your entry materials BEFORE you begin entering your information. The entry form contains multiple tabs/pages.
  3. Obtain an optional photo of the nominee (.jpg format preferred, 10 megabyte maximum file size.) 

Create an Account

Navigate to the Top Women in Grocery Nomination Form and create your account. Enter all information in the New User section and be sure to save your password for future reference:


You may then proceed to create your first entry. You can scroll to the bottom of any form page to save your progress at any time, but you cannot proceed to the next page of the form until you complete all fields marked with an asterisk. 


Continue filling out the form and adding new entries until you are finished, or save your progress and return to the nomination form later to complete your entries.

Logging in

Return to the nomination form and log in under the Returning Users heading. If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Password link. 


Editing/CREATING Entries

Once you log in you will see the list of entries you have created. You can click the Edit buttons to edit existing entries, or click the "Start New" button to create new ones.


Verify Your Entries ARE Complete

Return to the nomination form and log in under the Returning Users heading. Verify that all of your entries are marked with green checkmarks before the nomination deadline. Any entries marked incomplete will not be considered for an award. 


You must click the "Submit" button on the last page of the form to complete your entries.

Click Submit

Confirmation Email

When you complete a nomination, you will receive an email confirmation with all of the information you entered. You may continue to return to the nomination form and log in to make changes to the nomination until the official nomination deadline has passed.