Tropicana Launches Juicy Rewards

Tropicana launched Juicy Rewards, a new program aimed at making it easy for consumers to get more from their juice by offering 20,000 ways to save money on healthy pursuits. By purchasing just one carton of Tropicana OJ, families can get up to $15 in savings -- or up to $30 with one carton of Trop50 -- to redeem for thousands of active, fun experiences, according to an announcement by the beverage company.

Juicy Rewards includes something for everyone in the family to enjoy, from Adidas fitness gear and TaylorMade golf equipment, to vacation savings on the Norwegian Cruise Line and Yosemite National Park. There are also thousands of local rewards such as discounts on theater tickets in Chicago or aquarium admission in San Francisco.

Consumers can participate and save by buying Tropicana, and finding the unique codes on the packages – for Tropicana Pure Premium, it’s under the cap, while for Trop50 and Tropicana Pure Premium 89-ounce jugs, the code is on the back of the containers. They then register at, enter the codes to get points, and start redeeming.

The following is a breakdown of the value and rewards one can earn with each purchase:

-- 1 point (Tropicana Pure Premium 12-ounce and 14-ounce bottles): up to $5.00, for savings on TaylorMade golf balls, laser tag games, go kart tickets, kickboxing aerobic lessons and symphony tickets;
-- 2 points (Trop50 12-ounce bottles and Tropicana Pure Premium 8-ounce carton multi-packs of six): up to $10, for discounts on EA Sports Active fitness games, ski/snowboard tune-ups, bowling, safari cycle rental and kids adventure attractions;
-- 3 points (Tropicana Pure Premium 64-ounce cartons): up to $15, for deals on Coleman products, sporting events, massages and museums;
-- 5 points (Trop50 89-ounce jugs): up to $25, for price cuts on salon services, golf lessons, fitness equipment, dance lessons, and discounts on an astronaut training experience at the Kennedy Space Center;
-- 6 points (Trop50 59-ounce cartons and Tropicana Pure Premium 128-ounce jugs): up to $30, for money off any purchase at, whale watching, cooking classes, ballet tickets and amusement parks;
-- 9 points: $45 and above, for markdowns on Adidas golf shoes, snorkeling, karate, gymnastics classes, yoga and Pilates, and a $300 on-board credit at Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Points can be redeemed immediately or banked and combined for larger rewards. Offers vary by location. Participants also can donate points to “Rescue the Rainforest,” an effort that helps save endangered rainforest, according to Tropicana.

Tropicana Products Inc. is a division of PepsiCo, Inc., based in Purchase, N.Y.
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