The Trend: Millennial Dollar Babies

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The Trend: Millennial Dollar Babies


Now that Millennials are ages 18 to 33, they’re moving into parenthood, as evidenced by the 11.6 million Millennial households with children in the United States. Though they don’t have a lot of disposable income, Millennials place a high value on food experiences, local food, health, high quality and convenience.

Julia Gallo-Torres, senior foodservice researcher at Mintel International, a research firm with U.S. headquarters in Chicago, notes that Millennials have grown up in a “fast casual” lifestyle and are inclined to snacking. “They are used to having whatever food they want, when they want and wherever they want it,” notes Gallo-Torres. That means meatballs where they shop for affordable furniture, nachos where they top off their gas tanks.

Mintel foodservice research has tracked significant differences between how Millennial mothers and fathers spend money on family eating. Gallo-Torres describes the mothers as more inclined to hang on to post-recession frugality and search for savings, but still with good health and high quality in mind. Most Millennial moms work outside the home and want products that take the chore out of food prep, including prepared snacks that are customizable, convenient and portable.

Millennial males, on the other hand, “are far less careful with spending on food outside the home, inclined to spend more on eating occasions and see eating as part of their social lifestyles,” says Gallo-Torres. Their indulgent ways have carried through to fatherhood, with dads more apt to take the kids out for wings and burgers than to stop for smoothies.

Grocerant-Ready Ideas:

  • Short cuts like pre-packed crudités and hummus or mini sandwiches, lunch bag-ready snacks that help busy Millennial moms
  • Prepacked prepared food for young family events–think picnics, movie night and long car rides to visit grandparents
  • Easy treats that appeal to all ages, designed for Millennial dads to grab and go