Topco Produce VP Goes to RJO Produce Marketing

FRESNO, Calif. -- After a two-and-a-half year stretch as v.p. of produce for Topco Associates in Skokie, Ill., Rob O'Rourke is returning to the company he founded in 1993 with his brother John, RJO Produce Marketing here.

"Rob has very progressive thoughts and ideas on how to better serve the produce industry," RJO president John O'Rourke said. "Rob is a change agent, and has always been one to come up with new ways to grow our retail customers' sales and help suppliers to be better partners."

O'Rourke said his tenure with Topco, a private-label buying cooperative that he called "a multi-channel powerhouse," taught him lessons about retailing that will help him back at his old company "by taking a retailer's strategy to the field and working with suppliers to execute it on a daily basis."

RJO Produce Marketing provides retailers with on-ground representation, shipping-point inspection, market analysis, and category management for perishable commodities.
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