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Time to Enter Progressive Grocer’s 2019 Editors’ Picks


Progressive Grocer is seeking entries for its 16th annual Editors’ Picks awards contest, and will salute the winners in its September 2019 issue.

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Since 2004, PG’s Editors’ Picks awards program has recognized the continuous evolution of cutting-edge product innovation, giving retail buyers a comprehensive guide to the latest and greatest products that meet consumers’ ever-increasing demand for functional, interesting, on-trend products.

“The level of product innovation in the marketplace continues to excite our editorial team,” said PG Editorial Director Jim Dudlicek. “We rigorously evaluate each product entered, for innovation, functionality, overall value and, perhaps most importantly, taste.”

As one of the highest accolades a brand can receive for successful product innovation, marketability and differentiation, PG’s Editors’ Picks will once again showcase a new slate of winners that will be judged on the following criteria:

INNOVATION: In overall product differentiation; new packaging application (not just new graphics or rebranding); ingredient enhancements; ability to grow/develop a new and/or existing category; new flavors/varieties/portion sizes; and positioning against the most important market and consumer trends, among others. It should really be new, not just a “me-too.”

TASTE/FUNCTIONALITY: How the new product lives up to taste/quality expectations, as well as functionality and utilitarian attributes. Is it delicious, and does it deliver?

OVERALL VALUE: How well the product delivers on its overall value proposition (i.e., price, packaging, quality and convenience). Is it a product that’s going to appeal to mainstream supermarket shoppers?

There is a fee of $50 per entry. Judging of 2019 Editors’ Picks nominations will begin immediately upon their receipt by PG’s editorial team. No nominations will be accepted after June 14, 2019.

Additional information on, and requirements of, PG’s 2019 Editors’ Picks awards contest for outstanding food and nonfood products, including explicit entry guidelines, can be found here.


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