For their first thirst

Mt. Freedom, N.J.-based First Juice, Inc. has launched the inaugural organic fruit and vegetable juice beverage for toddlers that's significantly lower in sugar and calories than traditional juice offerings, with no artificial ingredients. A blend of organic fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and purified water, the product has been created to provide just the right amount of flavor for developing taste buds, with the goal of steering children toward an appreciation for flavorful, less sweet tastes. Each eight-ounce serving of First Juice contains just 12 grams of natural sugars from organic fruits and vegetables, vs. 27 grams of sugar in an eight-ounce serving of 100 percent apple juice. Additionally, the fortified beverage offers key nutrients calcium and vitamins A, C, and D. Available in two flavors, Apple+Carrot and Banana+Carrot, which are 43 percent and 49 percent juice, respectively, First Juice retails for a suggested $1.99 to $2.49 per eight-ounce recyclable, spill-proof, sippy-top container, and a suggested $3.29 to $3.99 per 32-ounce bottle. Get more information by visiting
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